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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - Angel Hound - Daisey


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Daisey Darling is a sweet shy girl who has been shuffled from
place to place. Sadly Daisey is very ill.  On a happier note, she
will be cared for by AZBHR until it is her time to go to Rainbow

Daisey became very ill and after review with one of our vets was
sent to a specialist.  It has been determined that she has nodules
on her right kidney and liver.  These are most likely cancer but
tests are still pending.
As if this is not bad enough, Daisey presented with severe diarrhea,
pitting edema on her chest, anorexia and severe low serum proteins.
Diagnosis: Protein Losing Enteropathy
The vet is very concerned because her serum protein level is so low.
Prognosis is varied and uncertain at this time.

Daisey has been put on a special RX diet food, two cans twice a day to
start. this is the only food she can be fed plus 2 meds.
Daisey is feeling better most days and symptoms are
slowly improving.

Daisey is under continued vet care and in a foster home where she is
safe and loved.

She certainly needs an Angel to help with vet costs along with
loving thoughts and prayers for this gentle girl.
Could you be Daisey Darling's  Angel?


Update on Daisey Darling: Daisey has been doing very well in the last year or so. Her routine blood work has been encouraging and the vet was able to cut back on some of her medications. She still requires a special diet and usually eats well. She loves to snuggle on the bed with her foster mom and has her favorite 4-legged doxie-mix sister that she plays with. She’s not so thrilled with her 2 basset foster brothers, but she tolerates them…..making sure to growl and grumble if they get too close to her.   On most sunny days, you can find her lounging in the backyard catching rays!


daisey angel update

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