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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - Volunteer Application

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Volunteer Application

NOTE before completing the application below ALL fields with * are MANDATORY and must be completed prior to submission. If you do no complete it will not submit and you will have to recomplete the application.

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

  • Arizona Basset Hound Rescue is an ALL volunteer organization with no physical location. Since we have no physical location and if you would like to help at a shelter, contact your local animal care and control or shelter that houses dogs ready for adoption.
  • Arizona Basset Hound Rescue relies on private foster homes, and therefore we have NO location where you can visit the dogs and volunteer to walk or care for the dogs.

If you would like to foster a dog, Click Here.

AZBHR requires that all volunteers be 18 years of age. If your parent would like to volunteer and bring you to events, have your parent complete the application and request a minor release form from our volunteer coordinator at volunteer@azbassetrescue.org

Confidentiality and Waiver of Liability Following acceptance into the Arizona Basset Hound Rescue (AZBHR) volunteer program, I agree to release and hold harmless AZBHR from and against any and all loss, damage, claims, liability, costs, and expenses, of any nature whatsoever, including without limitation, attorney fees and disbursements, arising from or occasioned by my participation in any of the AZBHR activities, events, and programs. I also agree to respect the confidentiality and integrity of AZBHR by not discussing confidential information, including operational, functional, personnel, and financial information with any person not directly involved in AZBHR operations. I have read, understand, and agree to the above AZBHR Volunteer Confidentiality and Waiver of Liability Statement. Furthermore, all of the information that I have provided is, to the best of my knowledge, true and complete. I understand that falsifying answers on this form or at any other time while a volunteer, disqualifies me from working with Arizona Basset Hound Rescue. By checking the box below and clicking the Submit button, I agree to all of the above.

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“Happiness is a Rescued Hound” Statistics

As of August 31, 2017
1993 rescued since 1998
47 adopted in 2017 * 
50 rescued in 2017
36 rescued in 2016
19 adopted in 2016



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