My name is Ben and I’m a 10-year-old Bassett. I escaped from my yard one day and wandered around northeast Tucson for I don’t know how long, where I  crossed several busy roads and managed to avoid the coyotes and rattlesnakes before a nice lady named Gabrielle picked me up and took me home. Gabriele tried to find my owner, but it seems my owner wasn’t looking for me. Gabrielle took me to her vet to see if I had a chip, and I did but my chip was registered to the phone number of my old person in El Paso who gave me to his friend in Tucson who didn’t register my chip.  My owner didn’t do a lot for me really. I was so skinny my ribs stuck out, and my nails were so long several of them crossed each other and my pads didn’t  touch the ground – walking was hard! Oh, and I was never neutered, which was fine with me but my foster people think it’s a bad thing.  

Gabrielle couldn’t find my person and couldn’t keep me so this couple named Carrie and Greg took me in and got Arizona Basset Rescue involved. The coaxed me to eat (I guess I didn’t want to because I hadn’t had much to eat for so long). They took me to their vet (oh, they have dogs and cats, which I love!), got me a rabies vaccine, nail trim, and a general check up. Dr. Stofft rated my weight a 3 (he said he never went below a 4 before – that’s how skinny I was), and thought my lymph nodes were enlarged -yikes!       

Fast forward through finding my owner and being abandoned by her, I am now an official foster dog with Arizona Basset Rescue and living the good life with my foster family. Carrie and Greg are quickly adapting to a basset (they rescue Golden Retrievers so I’m pretty different for them – except I love to walk as much is my Golden family). That’s the good news. 

The bad news is I’m heart worm positive, and my white blood cell count is very elevated and the antibiotics I was taking didn’t help. My vet doesn’t know what’s going on with me but he’s mentioned leukemia more than once. He also says I can’t be neutered until I’m healthy – I’m OK with that but Carrie and Greg don’t think it’s a good thing (oh, I no longer lift my leg in the house so Carrie doesn’t make me wear a diaper – I’m smart – I learn!) 

So this is my story. I heard Carrie and Greg say I may be a permanent foster but we’re hoping to kick whatever is ailing me so I can find my forever family. For the record, I feel fine most days and our walks are my favorite thing in the world. I’m pretty partial to Carrie’s and Greg‘s cats and dogs, and they like me, too.   I guess I should mention I’m pretty stubborn, and I’ve figured out how to get up on the dash of Carrie’s and Greg’s RV, where I wait for them to come home. Carrie doesn’t like me getting up there but she also thinks I’m a pretty funny sight sitting up so high looking out the big front window with the cats. Life is good now but I know I have a lot of vet visits ahead of me and probably some treatment. I am so grateful to Arizona Basset Rescue for having my back and covering my vet bills, especially knowing I’m not the only Basset they help. Sadly, there are too many stories like mine.  

Oh, one more thing – there is heart worm in Arizona – get your dogs checked and on heart worm preventative – heart worm is a killer. 


AZBHR and Angel Dog Ben thank Richard Swedbergh for his Angel donations In memory of his Basset Hounds Elmer and Maynard

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