Hello my name is Buster and I am 12 years old.  When I came to AZBHR, my eyes were bothering me.  I saw a special eye doctor that has this all under control.  I do have to use one eye drop twice a day, but I let my foster mom do this with no problems.  So I will need to see the eye doctor every 6 months for now.  I also have a heart murmur, which was checked by the vet and they say that I just have a leaky valve, that will need to be evaluated every year.  I enjoy walks, napping and soft rugs/blankets.  I tolerate my doggie sisters, bark at cats, and am house trained.  I am grumpy when I wake up so I have to be woken completely before I am touched. Grumpiness with my doggie sisters when they play, and when we eat I eat out on the patio by myself which is how I like it.  I do not like loud noises (fireworks) or high pitch noises (my doggie sisters whining) .  Mainly I just want your attention when you can sit by me on the couch, or scratch my ears, the rest of the time I will enjoy my nap.