Hello my name is Libby and I am 9 years old, but don’t let my age fool you, I still have some puppy in me.  I’ve had several families and health issues, which makes me a bit insecure.  I can be a little territorial over possessions and food, because of my insecurities and my foster family has been working on this with me.  I need to go to a family with no small children, because I don’t use my words to let them know that I don’t want them in my space and that I can be grumpy.  I am learning to share my space with my doggie foster sisters, but not any little children.  I am also learning that my family will come back at the end of the day and that I can relax while they are gone.  I am a worrier, so my new family will need to be patient with me while I settle in.  As for my health issues, I came to AZBHR with double ear infections and 2 large lumps on my leg.  The ear infections were cleaned up with medication and lots of ear cleaning, but the lumps on my legs were more than just lumps.  I was diagnosed with cancer, and it is the kind of cancer that will come back.  When these lumps come back they will need to be removed, this has happened while I was here with my foster family, but the new lump was benign.  I will need my new family to check me weekly for any new lumps,  and take me to the vet, so that they can come off as soon as they are noticed, while they are small.  I enjoy napping and playing with my foster doggie sister, zooming around the house.  I enjoy walks, car rides, soft things and belly rubs.  I am crate trained, house broken and pretty low key.  Do you have room in your home for me?