Miss Molly is a beautiful, happy, loving Basset Hound Mix who was an owner surrender. She does not particularly like other dogs. She has been in her foster home for the last 2 ½ months with a 2-year-old Basset and with a lot of correction and constant watching she is playing. She does not like children. She has been child tested her and she will back up to the corner growl and shiver until they leave. She will do best in a home with no other dogs or children. Miss Molly had no idea how to play or interact with toys until she found three toy boxes stuffed with all kinds of fun stuff and will now chase a toy and play. She also enjoys chew bones and her antler chew. She is very well behaved off leash and is never far from her foster mom’s side. She loves to cuddle, sleep in bed under the covers, is a great protector and will bark in a very scary bark to warn someone is there other than that she is quiet. The only time that she is not quiet is when you rub her ears. She makes the cutest little groaning sound when you rub her ears. By her demeanor, you can tell that she is not comfortable in her own skin, needs to know she is safe and needs someone to help her build her confidence.