Hi, I’m Olivia or Livie-Lou as my foster mom calls me.  I’m super sweet with adult humans and teenage humans but I’m not sure how I would be with little humans, because I like to play and chew. The vet says I’m a healthy young lady and  thinks I’m around 5-6 years old but only I know and a lady never tells her age.  I love to snuggle on the couch with my foster family and I follow them everywhere.  I am a total coffee table surfer so don’t leave anything you want to eat anywhere I can see it or it then becomes mine.  I have no shame and will drink out of the toilet while you are in the shower because I can’t leave you alone behind a curtain.  I will also steal any underwear that may miss the laundry hamper and only give them back when I feel you have had sufficient exercise chasing me around. While I’m a peach with my humans, I am not so accepting of my foster brother and sister in the house. Over time I have learned that they are not as bad as I thought, but when I have had enough sniffs, I will start to growl and attack them. I would be best in a home where my humans are all mine and I don’t have to share anything with any other doggies. Do you have room on your lap for a little over like me?