Hello. My name is Tootsie Bell but my foster mom calls me Tootsie Roll. I am still very nervous and run outside if my foster mom starts the vacuum cleaner, or there is any loud noise. I run and hide when company comes unless I knows the person. My tail is always down, it never goes up. We got a new cat, his name is Jasper and he is OK but, he lays inside the doggie door so I will not come in. I think he does this just to hear me bark.

I still like to play with my toys. I run to get them out of the basket and run through the house. Sometimes I even run outside with them.

I know when it is time to eat at 5:00 pm, but I start whining and barking at 4:00. Lots of times I go outside and I scratch on the door to come in, I just want my foster mom to let me in even though I just came out through the doggie door. I think this is lots of fun.

I have a bad habit of chewing books and papers. My foster mom has had to move all the notebooks off of the bottom shelf of the book case and loose paper up out of the way. I also will chew on Rupert’s toys and I eat his food whenever I get a chance.

I had a bad habit of peeing on the floor and on the rug in the kitchen. I have even peed on my own bed. For some unknown reason I have stopped doing this since I came back from boarding at University Animal Hospital. My foster mom has no idea about why I was doing this or why I stopped. But my foster mom and roommate are grateful.

Well I guess that this is all I have to say. Happy Basset Hound Day.


Tootsie Bell.