Hello, my name is Libby and I am 9 years young, You see I still have a lot of puppy in me. I have had some health issues, . When I came to AZBHR I had double ear infections, and some nasty lumps on me. The vet took the lumps off me and said they were cancer but that she got it all out.   My new family  will just have to watch to see if any of the bumps come back. Since I struggle with insecurity and a bit of a worrier my new family will have to be really patient with me as I adjust to your home.  I really need to go to a home with no little children in the house .and I  prefer to be an only dog. My past times are napping, barking at the neighbors, then napping some more. I love to be cuddled and loved on.  If you take me into your home I promise to love you just as much a you love me.

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