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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue - Happy Tails


NEW! Basset Hound Books, T-shirts, and Stationery that Support Rescue!


Lost Souls: Found! Inspiring Stories About Basset Hounds is a MUST-READ for dog lovers! The book, which is full of great short stories about adopted Basset Hounds, is available at HappyTailsBooks.com


NEW! Basset Hound T-shirts and Stationery!

Show your Basset pride with Basset Hound t-shirts and stationery. These great items are designed to help start the conversation about Basset Hound rescue with others, too. The Basset stationery has an interesting Basset Hound fact on the back, and the t-shirts say, “Adopted. Who’s next?” with an adorable photo of Herbie, an AZBHR alumni, a rescued Basset hound who is featured in the Lost Souls: FOUND! book.

***A significant portion of all profits is donated back to animal welfare efforts.

Put Arizona Basset Hound Rescue name in the checkout form "donation" field so that AZBHR will receive a donation from sales at the end of the year.

Read a book preview, learn more about the shirts and stationery, and place your order today at http://happytailsbooks.com/buy/ .

“Happiness is a Rescued Hound” Statistics

As of March 1, 2017
1943 rescued since 1998
18 adopted in 2017 * 
13 rescued in 2017
36 rescued in 2016
19 adopted in 2016
*(as of 3/1/17) pending update



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