Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Relinquishing Your Dog

We understand that it can be a very painful decision for you to relinquish your dog. We offer comprehensive guidance related to training, behavioral, and health issues to help you keep your Basset or Bloodhound with you.

However, if nothing works out and you finally decide to relinquish your dog, we are here to provide your furry friend with the best care possible. While it is not mandatory for you to make a relinquishment donation, please remember that donation of any amount will help offset some of the expenses we will incur with the intake of your dog.

Requirements & Information

We need a minimum of three photos: a headshot and one from each side (dog standing), all taken at the dog’s level. Please contact [email protected] if you have additional questions.

You will also need to sign our relinquishment agreement if your dog is accepted into the Rescue. By signing the agreement, you must understand that you have relinquished all rights to the dog and will not be able to reclaim the dog for any reason. Also, it would help if you could bring the dog to us. Additional transport information will be provided if the dog is accepted.

We decide which dogs we can take on a case-by-case basis and prioritize those held in shelters and in danger of euthanasia.

Relinquishment Application

A separate relinquishment application must be submitted for each dog if you intend to relinquish more than one dog to AZBHR.

Contact Us

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Is the Dog Spayed/Neutered?(Required)
Up to Date on Vaccines?(Required)
Photos* We need a minimum of three photos: a headshot and one from each side (dog standing), all taken at the dog’s level.(Required)
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue will require you to complete an owner relinquish agreement form upon acceptance of your dog into the Rescue. Do you agree to complete this form in its entirety upon the surrendering of your dog to the Rescue?
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue requires all owner surrenders to have a completed owner relinquish agreement form on file. If you chose not to complete this form – Arizona Basset Hound Rescue will NOT consider your dog for intake. Once Arizona Basset Hound Rescue has taken possession of your dog, you will have relinquished all rights to the dog and will not be able to reclaim the dog for any reason. Do you understand and accept that upon the surrender of your dog to the Rescue, you have relinquished all rights to the dog and will not be able to reclaim the dog for any reason?(Required)
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Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Guidelines for Fostering & Adoption

Adopt a pet today and help us bring an end to animal cruelty. We thank you for choosing to adopt a dog from our all-volunteer non-profit rescue organization. All you need to do is fill out an adoption application telling us about the type of hound you are looking for.

We will review your application, and one of our volunteers will conduct a home visit to make sure that your home is suitable for the lifestyle of a Basset Hound. We will then schedule a meeting if what you are looking for is available at that time. Otherwise, we will put you on a waiting list and notify you in the future as soon as we take in a dog that fits your criteria.


We would be more than happy to send our rescued dog to your home as a ‘foster’ if you are interested in adoption. The dog will be under the umbrella of AZBHR for a minimum of two weeks. During this time, we will fund all vet evaluations and address any other concerns related to the dog.

Once the dog is cleared for adoption, you will have the first chance to adopt the dog. However, if you feel that your fostering experience wasn’t a pleasant one and the dog might not be a good fit for your family, then we will put the dog in another foster home, and you will go back on the waiting list.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Application Review & Placement

(Note: There is a $10 application fee.) We will get in touch with you after reviewing your adoption application. We request you to be patient as the process can sometimes take longer than usual due to other rescue activities. Please review the following details carefully before completing the application:

Adoption Fee

You will need to pay a minimum adoption fee, based on the dog's age at the time of adoption. Please note that all dogs are spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and micro-chipped at the time of adoption.

  • Age 0 to 2: $500
  • Age 3 to 5: $350
  • Age 6-9: $250
  • Age 10 or older: $100

Previous adopters receive a 10% discount. If you are adopting a bonded pair, you will receive a 25% discount.

Home Specifications

If you have an unfenced swimming pool in your house, please make sure that there is no free access to the yard where the pool is located. Basset Hounds are not swimmers due to their heavy bodies and short legs. We will not place a dog in your home until the required modifications are made to restrict free outdoor access.

Let Us Help You Adopt a Basset Hound

Fill out the adoption application below and get approved to start the process of finding your new family member! (Note: There is a $10 application fee.)

Please fill out the form below

If you reside outside of Arizona and are approved for adoption, are you willing to provide transportation? AZBHR does not have the ability to transport dogs long distances or out of state.
Are you willing to make a lifelong commitment to a basset?
Do all members of your household understand that it takes time for a dog to adjust to a new environment?
Is anyone in the household allergic to dogs?
Have you ever had to relinquish a dog before?
What traits would you have a hard time dealing with in your basset (click all that apply)?
What is your preference for the sex of the dog?
Are you willing to have a home visit prior to adoption?
How would you classify your home?
Do you own or rent your home?
If rent, are pets allowed?
Is your home single story or two story?
Do you have a fenced yard?
Do you have a pool?
If so, is the pool fenced?
How many adults are in the household?

Health Care

Do you have a veterinarian?

Tell us about your current pets!

What would you be willing to try if housebreaking accidents continue after the first week? If you marked “other,” please explain in the box after (Check all that apply)
Have you ever taken a dog to a basic obedience course?
Did you pass?
Have you used an electronic training collar or electric fence?

References (2 Required)

How did you about AZBHR?
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Fostering With AZBHR

Fostering is the most important part of our organization. All our rescued dogs are placed immediately under foster care for a complete evaluation of their health. The information we collect is used to provide the best possible care for the dog in the days to come.

Foster Home Responsibilities & Information

Without foster homes, we would not be able to save the lives of the hounds that need us so much! By choosing to be one of our foster volunteers, you are giving every rescued dog another chance to lead a happy life.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue
Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Foster Home Application

All potential foster homes must complete a foster home application.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Home Visit

We send one of our volunteers for a mandatory home visit to ensure that your home is compatible with the lifestyle of a Basset Hound. We thoroughly check all indoor and outdoor living and sleeping arrangements, feeding arrangements, toilets, fencing, etc.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

History of Rescued Dogs

Our rescue dogs come from all over the state of Arizona and occasionally other states, such as California and Nevada. We generally take in two types of dogs – owner relinquishes or New Hopes from county shelters or the Humane Society.

We have some general history related to the behavior, training, and health of dogs that are relinquished by their owners. Regardless of all the information we have, the foster dog will still need to be evaluated by the vet for the full two weeks. There is rarely any history with New Hopes dogs, and we must rely on the foster home to evaluate the dog, so they can be placed in the appropriate forever home.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Foster Home Agreement

This explains what the responsibilities are for AZBHR and the foster home regarding the rescue dog.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Length of the Foster Period

We place each rescued dog in foster care for a minimum of two weeks to collect all the necessary information required to place it in a permanent home. However, the length of the foster period varies with each dog depending on health conditions and other behavioral issues.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Veterinary Care

Every dog taken into the rescue must receive a vet exam with one of AZBHR’s approved vets. We cover all pre-approved medical expenses at our approved vets.

However, expenses may not be covered for other medical issues that haven’t been pre-approved. In such cases, the foster home will be responsible for arranging a vet exam and any subsequent care with one of our approved vets.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue


The bio is the best way to give potential adopters the information they need about your foster dog. The length and details of the bio will vary depending on the foster dog.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue


Please make sure that all pictures are good quality and show the dog in the best light to compel potential adopters to stop and read about the foster dog.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue


Every rescue dog taken into AZBHR is microchipped before being adopted.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Adoption Packet

Each foster dog has an adoption packet. The foster home is responsible for completing the two-page Dog Evaluation Form, the two-page Dog Information Form and all required dog information on the two adoption agreements.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue


A dog tag with an original AZBHR number is provided to each dog taken into the rescue.

Arizona Basset Hound Rescue

Dog Food

Dog food is not routinely provided to the foster home. However, we will cover the cost of dog food if your foster dog is put on a special diet or prescription food.


Fostering Application

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