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Fostering with AZBHR

Thank you for considering becoming a foster home for Arizona Basset Hound Rescue. AZBHR is an ALL foster home based organization, which means all the dogs accepted into the rescue are placed in homes for an evaluation period, prior to being offered for adoption. Fostering is the most important part of this organization – without foster homes, we would not be able to save the lives of the hounds that need us so much!

Fostering is probably the most challenging job in the rescue but also the most rewarding. You are giving each and every dog you foster another chance at having a happy life. Not everyone can say that they made a difference in a dog’s life AND also in the lives of the people who adopt them, as a foster home that is exactly what you do.

Foster Home Responsibilities:

? The foster home provides a safe and comfortable environment for the rescue dog.

? The foster home will sign a Foster Agreement.

? The foster home will arrange for a vet exam and any subsequent care with one of the AZBHR approved vets.

? The foster home will evaluate the rescue dog and provide an interesting bio and quality pictures for the website.

? The foster home will coordinate meet and greets with approved potential adopters for their foster dog.

? The foster home will completely fill out the Adoption Packet.

Fostering 101

Foster Home Application: All potential foster homes MUST complete a foster home application.

Home Visit: A home visit by one of our volunteers is mandatory for all potential foster homes. The home visit is not to check for housekeeping, but is meant to ensure that your home is compatible with a Basset Hound’s lifestyle. We will check the indoor living and sleeping arrangements, fencing, toilet and feeding arrangements, etc.

Where our rescue dogs come from: Our rescue dogs come for all over the state of Arizona and occasionally other states, such as California and Nevada. There are two types of dogs we intake – owner relinquishes or New Hopes from county shelters or the Humane Society.

History of the rescue dog: With dogs that are relinquished by their owner we have some history, such as: if are they housetrained, good with kids, medical issues, etc. Even with this knowledge, the foster dog will still need to be seen by the vet and be evaluated for the full two weeks. With New Hoped dogs there is rarely any history and we must rely on the foster home to properly evaluate the dog, so they can be placed in the appropriate forever home.

Foster Home Agreement: The foster home agreement explains what the responsibilities are for AZBHR and the foster home in regard to the rescue dog.

Length of Foster Period: Each rescue dog is in foster care for a minimum of two weeks. Placing the rescue dog in a foster home allows us to get to know something about the dog before it is placed in a permanent home. The length of the foster period will vary with each dog.

Vet Visits: Every dog taken into the rescue MUST receive a vet exam with one of AZBHR’s approved vets. AZBHR covers all pre-approved medical expenses at our approved vets, for any other medical issues that haven’t been pre-approved, expenses may not be covered, instead, it may be beneficial to look into pet insurance from the likes of Pets Best as an example to ensure veterinarian costs are covered. The foster home will arrange for a vet exam and any subsequent care with one of the AZBHR approved vets.

Bio: The bio is the best way to give potential adopter’s the information they need about your foster dog. The length and details of the bio will always vary depending on the foster dog.

Pictures: The pictures are what compel the potential adopters to stop and read about the foster dog. Therefore the pictures must be of good quality and show the dog in the best light.

Microchips: Every rescue dog taken into AZBHR is microchipped before being adopted.

Adoption Packet: Each foster dog has an adoption packet. The foster home is responsible for completing the two-page Dog Evaluation Form, the two-page Dog Information Form and all required dog information on the two adoption agreements.

AZHBR Dog Tag: Each dog taken into the rescue is provided a dog tag with an original AZBHR number.

Dog Food: Dog food is not routinely provided to the foster home. If your foster dog is put on a special diet or prescription food, AZBHR will cover the cost of dog food.

Foster Yahoo Group: Each foster home is invited to join Arizona Basset Hound Rescue Foster Home Yahoo Group – azbhrfoster at yahoo dot com. The purpose of this forum is for foster homes to post questions, concerns, pictures and anything pertaining to their foster dog or AZBHR. The AZBHR Foster Group is also where the home visit reports are posted for potential adopters.

Please contact if you have additional questions.